Bucket List

An ongoing bucket list of things I want to accomplish.

If you’d like to help me complete any of the tasks on this list, please do! Shoot me an e-mail at onattyso [at ] gmail [dot] com

Please feel free to leave comments so I can add to this list! ūüôā

See a movie myself 7/6/2012
Be blind for a day
Get lost 10/6/2012
Perform in a flash mob
Spend the day alone in contemplation
Learn how to ride a motorcycle
Open Mic Night
Throw a dart at a map and go
Say yes to everything 7/30/2012
Go to a party and talk to 10 people 12/3/2012
Make and upload a video
Send a postcard to PostSecret
Post embarrassing childhood photos
Ride a unicycle
Go on a blind date 6/16/2012
Be a big sister
Ride bike at night 7/2/2012
Serenade someone 5/19/2012
Shoot a bow
Ask to be someone’s significant other 1/3/2015
Walk into every building on campus  6/8/2012
Have a meal on a roof
E-mail a celebrity 12/31/2012
Play poker with real money
Don’t talk for an entire day
Make friends with a homeless person
Ride in a hot air balloon
Spontaneously burst into song and dance
Give a talk on TED
Test fear of heights at an even higher place
Bungee jumping
Compliment 5 strangers 6/27/2012
Jump into a water fountain
One – day complete shut down from technology 6/26/2013 (Thanks, 72U!)
Submit something to http://www.thingsihavelearnedimylife.com
A walk through my childhood 5/19/2013
Walk through a big city at night San Diego downtown during Comic-Con, 7/20/2013
Be a jerk
Go one month without Facebook¬†or Reddit. (Inspired by Steve Corona’s post) Entire July
Go on the biggest Ferris Wheel I can find (I have a fear of Ferris Wheels. I’m not kidding. I can go on roller coasters, but I hate non-enclosed ferris wheels)¬†6/30/2012
Destroy a computer (Office Space, anyone?)
Write a book
Give a homeless person the biggest bill in your wallet 10/20/2012
Write an article for a big publication
Pay for a stranger’s meal
Spend time in jail (not forced, of course)
Walk a red carpet
Street perform
Bungee Jump
Post a video online
Meet up with a stranger who reads my blog 6/23/2013 Thanks, Natasha!
Host a party with no electronics for entertainment (No TV, video games, karaoke set etc)
Be on a TV Show
Mailbox Peak in Washington 8/26/2012
Open Mic “Fake Plastic Trees” by Radiohead
Submit an entry to Communication Arts magazine
Graffiti  Thanks, 72U!
Drive an electric scooter through SF Downtown
Live outside of the country
Save $1,000,000
Donate $1,000,000
Write an article for Medium
Go to the Museum of Moving Image  11/xx/2014
Hug a panda
Have my own art studio
Upload/Contribute to a Chrome Experiment
Upload something I created to GitHub 10/25/2013